A Healthy Lifestyle is what everyone aspires to but only a few takes action to achieve it. With our busy 9 to 5 schedules, it becomes a dreadful task to include a workout routine in our lives. A good work-life balance is required to live a lifestyle which helps you in every aspect of your life. 

The 3 pillars for a Healthy Lifestyle

1- Nutrition – While working daily at our Full- Time jobs, nutrition is ignored by many. Nutrition is critical for development and wellness. Having a balanced diet is crucial for living a long and healthy life. A stronger immune system, reduced risk of non-communicable diseases, and increased longevity are all linked to a healthy Lifestyle.

2- Fitness – The key to unlocking a healthy lifestyle is to keep moving. Having good physical health increases your endurance and muscle strength. It reduces the possibility of health issues. A good fitness regime can go a long way to unlock the true potential of human health.  Even if you are not following a fitness routine it’s important to take walking breaks while at your full-time job.

3- Recovery – An excellent quality of sleep is essential for a healthy life. It encourages sound judgement and makes it easier to recover from fatigue. While you’re sleeping, your blood supply expands, bringing more nutrients and oxygen into your body. Proper sleep encourages mental development and recovery.

Daily workout helps your overall health.

1- Mindfulness – Your daily workouts can be a real stress buster, as working out release’s endorphins in our body, which are the feel-good hormones. So however much you dread hitting the gym after or before your job, always keep in mind the chances are you will feel great about yourself afterwards and it will bring you closer to a healthy lifestyle.

2- Heart Health – Each person’s definition of physical fitness is different but what remains common in all workouts is that your heart health will improve. Working out regulates your heart rate and keeps your blood pressure in check. In the longer run, a regular workout helps you maintain good cholesterol levels.

3- Sleep Quality – Apart from the many benefits of working out, one is that it helps you have quality sleep, and regular workouts for many people help them fall asleep quicker. Better quality sleep can put you forward in your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

Type of workouts you can do and still manage your full-time job

1- Yoga – Practicing yoga can be extremely beneficial for overall health, investing 15-20 minutes daily can improve your lung health, promotes heart health and overall mental health and keeps you calm. And goes perfectly well with your full-time job.

2- Weight Lifting – Lifting promotes joint health and improves your muscle strength which in turn can improve your metabolic health. Including regular resistance training in your routine can do wonders for you. Though after a day of a full-time job it might be a little tedious to follow.

3- Daily Cardio – Cardio gets your blood pumping, improves your heart health and plays a huge role in improving your immune system. Apart from these benefits, cardio activities like cycling and running maintain your blood sugar level.  

Necessary gear you need for your fitness journey

Duffle Bag – Duffel bags are robust and roomy. Click here to check out our duffle bag, that offers an adaptable structure, a tough exterior, and great space. The spaciousness of duffel bags is one of their best features. They are ideal for gym goers who want a lot of space for big luggage because of their cylindrical and unstructured shape. 

Good workout shoes – You can prevent common injuries related to your training by selecting the right shoe. Wearing supportive footwear can minimize the force of each stride and protect the foot from harsh landings. Additionally, wearing shoes designed for sport or exercise can enhance your performance and allow you to change directions quickly.

Gym wear – When you work out frequently, it’s critical to dress appropriately. Lack of proper gear, particularly clothing, is a major cause of many sports-related accidents. Whichever activity you choose to take part in, you should dress appropriately for that activity, opting for clothes that offer sufficient defense against impact, strain, or overheating. It is advisable to spend money on high-quality compression apparel, which improves circulation and blood flow to the heart, delivers much-needed oxygen to working muscles, lessens fatigue and pain by controlling lactic acid buildup, and aids in recuperation.