Reading can be one of the most important habits one can form. With its many benefits, reading makes you a better human. Reading self-help books regularly helps you inculcate better habits in your daily life and follow a better path towards self-growth.

Importance of reading daily

  1.  Promotes mental health: Research shows that daily reading keeps your brain busy and keeps you alert and calm. It relieves stress and helps in gaining a more focused mind. 
  2.  Makes you Emphatic: Reading makes you more expressive. As it is said, the one who reads lives a thousand lives. Reading about people and their lives makes you more empathetic towards others.
  3. Improves Memory: Reading is a good exercise for your mind, it helps strengthen your memory by continuously letting the brain do the work. As reading requires focus and concentration it gives the brain the necessary boost it needs.
  4. Improves writing skills: Reading improves your vocabulary and interpersonal skills which leads to better writing skills by giving you so many ideas and words to play with.
  5. Increases your knowledge: Daily reading improves your knowledge as it provides so much information in your hands to process and learn. They boost your perspective on life and make you wiser with so much knowledge.

Why should you read self-help books?

Reading self-help books can be beneficial for your mind, as it gives you a different perspective on life and a way to live life differently. Some of the many benefits of self-help books are:

  1. Opens your mind to new perspectives: By giving readers new approaches to live by. Self-help books can unravel new ways of thinking which can be inculcated in your daily life.
  2. Increases your confidence and self-esteem: Implementing practices of self-help books in your daily life can boost your confidence and self-esteem. 
  3. Self-help books inspire and motivate you: Reading self-help books can give you your daily motivation and inspire you to better your lives by implementing so many great ideas given in them.
  4. Helps you in your growth: Reading Self-help books inspires you and helps you grow by implementing better habits in your life. They improve your analytical thinking and decision making.

Our Recommendations

1- Atomic Habit by James Clear

If you want to develop discipline in your life by forming habits that are beneficial in leading a life of success, Atomic habit is the book for you. The book covers four laws of overcoming poor habits and forming habits that are long-forming in your life and helps better yourself. Click here to check out this atomic book.

2- The subtle art of not giving a f*ck By Mark Manson

This book changes the norm of traditional self-help books by giving ideas about how embracing the negatives of life can actually be life-changing. The book does not promote the traditional thinking of remaining positive in your life no matter what. It tries to make you grounded in your approach towards life and embrace the pain. Click here to buy this book.

3- How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie 

This classic self-help book addresses the issues faced by people in social situations and helps the reader in better understanding of the techniques for influencing others and maintaining one’s social circle. Being successful in social situations is one of the most important abilities one can have. Click here to buy.

4- Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo

This is the book in which the author talks about relationships, entrepreneurship, money, success, failure, the value of habits, and self-awareness. It is better to learn from someone else’s mistake than to make the same error over and over. Click here to buy this awesome book.

5- Inner Engineering by Sadhguru 

If you want to experience inner peace this is the book for you. Inner engineering by sadhguru is a guide to create a happy life by learning to align your thoughts with what the universe wants to tell you. Click here to buy.

6- Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das 

How Reading Self-Help Books makes you a better person. Reading makes you a better human. Reading is a good habit for your mind and there is lots of importance of reading daily.

This book teaches you how to treat your life and find peace through mindfulness. It helps you to unlock your full potential in work and life. This book also focuses on how to be more kind and develop gratitude in your life. Click here to buy this book.

Though Reading Self-help books can be life changing in a positive way, it’s also very important to implement what you read in the books and should be willing to make it a daily practice to follow the instructions of these books. To get more interesting titles check out this blog by verywellmind.