The Minimalist Entrepreneurs are those who aspire to build more in less, we at D2C ecommerce follow the values tied with constant innovation to change lives.

D2C is built on a foundation of maximum customer satisfaction with some unique processes we have analysed the pain points of our indian customer base throughout the marketing funnel.

We have built multiple brands like AccesssHer, Kasrat, Swarg Homes, Endless Trendz, Luxura science, HiLife etc, following the core value of Aspirational products at affordable prices, with scaling our production lines we are able to reduce costs at every single point. With every brand made indigenously and under D2C we are able to maintain our quality standards.

The Team of Minimalist Entrepreneurs at D2C work constantly in harmony to provide the best products for customers.

Our team of Minimalist Entrepreneurs are some of the best minds in the industry and are constantly working towards better customer experience in their online shopping journey. With a user friendly UI, our one stop shop is the next generation solution which can change lives.

With the vast networking of our warehouses at regional level, we are able to provide fast delivery to our customers in tier 2,3 & 4 cities, with our best in industry agile supply chain management system integrated within D2C we are able to provide quality products in quality time.